Memories fill the halls

Shadowed pictures on the wall

Haunting dreams of yesterday

Fill my nights and empty days

I was a king. She was my queen

The fairest girl I'd ever seen

Fragile as a butterfly

So easily to laugh and cry


Her beauty known throughout the land

Treasured by every man

Her love she gave to only me

Like a knight upon a steed

I'd fill her every need

All the universe would please

Her simplest desire

The sun would shine for her each day

A silver moon would light her way

Together we would laugh and play

As if no tomorrow


Then time played its cruelest game

The summer fell to wind and rain

The winter came and carried her away


Left alone for ever more

I laid down at heavens door

Take me in her place I cried

Yes for her I'd gladly die

Now I sit in endless night

Without her there is no light

All my dreams have lost their sight

Life has no passion