I want to play this old guitar

Be your favorite country star

Sing a song for you

That's the only thing I do

Takes away the pain

Keeps the devil sane

And if it makes you dance

Well that's alright with me


I've been strummin' on this old box

Since I was a kid from Little Rock

Brought up on "Blue Suede Shoes"

And the Mississippi blues

Travlin' through this land

Playing anywhere I can

From the California sun

To the hills of Tennessee


Let the rain come down when it's needin'

Heal the wound when it's bleedin'

Drop you to your knees

Let it give you all you please

I can play you one more song

You don't have to sing along

May the music comfort you

May it comfort you


Now I've got a wounded heart

It's tearin' me apart

I think this old guitar is killin' me

It's like a monkey on my back

Leavin' scars and tracks

The music's got my soul

It won't let me be


I travel through the night

I'm not up on the Vegas lights

You don't see the likes of me on MTV

But down at the waterin' hole

Almost any night you go

On a dim and smoky stage is where I'll be